The Pursuit of Honour: The History of the Pistol Duel in England & France 


In an age when gentlemen prized honour and courage above all, a duel, lasting just minutes, could cleanse the stain of an insult and restore respect regardless of injury or death.

Thomas Del Mar Ltd are delighted to be publishing this fascinating account by Louis Bremers of the history of the pistol duel, the rules associated with it and the pistols used for duelling in Britain and France.

The bygone custom of duelling, imbued with honour, remains an intriguing drama for modern-day people, given the many performances in books, plays, and films, often depicting an unrealistic image. The actors in this tragic encounter meet each other with utmost civility and respect to restore slighted honour, demonstrating apparent indifference to wounds or even death, a behaviour utterly contrary to the human tendency to self-preservation. 

This meticulously researched book offers a fascinating glimpse into the shifting perspectives on conduct and honour among the upper classes, as reflected in the evolving duelling codes from 1770 to the First World War. Delving deep into the world of pistol duelling in Britain and France, it explores this fascinating topic, from the insults that provoked the duel to the protocols that dictated conduct, interspersed with descriptions of the personalities involved. The second part covers the technical development of the pistols used and records many hitherto unpublished developments in detail.
This book will be welcomed by students of firearms and 18th and 19th-century social historians and will have broad appeal to many with a passing interest in this remarkable chapter of our history.

Published in January 2024. 

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In Pursuit of Honour: The History of the Duel