Our specialists possess years of experience in achieving the best possible auction results for our clients and our trained staff provide the highest level of service.


Pre-sale valuations are provided free of charge and can be provided based on images. Estimates are subject to detailed first-hand examination of each piece and may be adjusted on further detailed research and consultation with our specialist team.


Owners of property for sale are issued with a receipt which provides a brief description for inventory purposes which is then expanded into a detailed description with all charges outlined on the Sale Agreement (see below). Property to be included in auctions should be received at least six weeks ahead of the sale date in order to allow for research, cataloguing and photography.  We recommend that you contact the specialist in charge of each sale to establish the precise consignment deadline, as this may vary. 


All estimates, reserves and sale fees are clearly set out in advance of the auction and made clear to vendors in their Sale Agreement.

Reserves can be set at or lower than the low estimate and are designed to protect the seller’s interests. We recommend that all lots carry a reserve and we do not operate a minimum value reserve threshold. Please note that reserves cannot be set above the low estimate.    

Commission is standard at 15% and may be reduced for higher value lots, collections or repeat business. 

Risk of loss or damage is charged at 1%.

Illustrations are charged at cost, details of which are provided on each sale agreement in advance of the sale.

Other fees for additional research including material examination, paint testing, X-ray fluorescence, thermo luminescence and microcrystalline metallurgical profiling may be chargeable and will be confirmed prior to any cost being incurred.

We do not operate a lotting fee or a minimum lot value.


Vendors are notified of their lots and the sale into which they have been entered in advance of the sale.

We welcome vendors at our auctions, but if you are unable to attend, you will be notified of the sale results shortly after the auction has concluded.

Payments to vendors, less deduction of charges (see above) are made 35 days after the sale, contingent on our receiving full cleared funds for the lots sold. 

Once you have received your sale proceeds we would appreciate hearing your feedback on the overall service we have provided. It is our aim to bring you the best quality of service and your comments will be an important part in helping us to maintain and improve this.  

For further information we recommend that you consult our Conditions of Business.


Do you have items that you'd like to get valued? Our specialists welcome enquiries by email.