Sell out group of portraits belonging to Tony Bingham

1ST JUNE 2022

Tony Bingham opened his first shop in the 1960s, when the King’s Road was becoming known for affordable antiques almost as much as for denim. He specialised particularly in European and American musical instruments, so his first move, to Poland Street in Soho was natural, as that area had been home to makers of pianos and
other instruments since the Regency. Eventually, he settled in Pond Street, Hampstead, where he remained for four decades until his recent retirement.

The Hampstead house was filled with Asiatic instruments of many kinds, collected when travelling with his wife, Irene, as well as many paintings of principally 19thcentury musicians. These collections have been offered mostly without reserve by Olympia Auctions, starting with a sell-out group of 40 portraits in mid April.

Huon Mallalieu

Read more in the 1st June issue of Country Life

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