Pool Life and Other Memories. A Selling Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings by Alex Manolatos. 3rd -9th February



3 – 9 February 2023 


10:00am - 5:00pm daily except Sunday 

In the Greco-Roman world, bathing was a communal activity, and it seems apt that this pastime recently became the focus of attention of London-based artist Alex Manolatos, himself of Greek origin.  Manolatos was a regular swimmer at the Chelsea Swimming Baths during his school days. Returning forty years later and now a regular again, he has been inspired to paint disparate people gathered in this unique environment, capturing or hinting at their fleeting interactions.  The noisy outgoing world we jostle in for our place turns introspective with silent inferences, set in a swimming pool.

Finding truth in human behaviour is pursued in all Alex Manolatos' works.  Alongside pictures of Pool Life, are paintings and drawings inspired by the artist’s own ‘Memories’, the second part of the exhibition title.  Manolatos’ sensitive nature picked up on the erosion of familial relationships during his childhood, and the paintings are like instant kodak photographs of objects or scenes retrieved from memory and cast with looming shadows of unease.  As he says, ‘children are much cleverer than we think.’ 

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There will be an In Conversation between Alex Manolatos and author and journalist Emma Crichton-Miller on the Tuesday 7th February, to raise funds and awareness for West London Action for Children.   In it the artist will be discussing the emotions and memories in his art. 

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Diver, oil on canvas, 85x85cm, 2022 

The Selling Exhibition takes place at Olympia Auctions



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