Fundraising 2021 - Westminster Abbey

1st January - 31st December 2021
Fundraising 2021 - Westminster Abbey Image

Olympia Auctions were delighted to partner with Westminster Abbey on a fundraising initiative following their imposed closure during the pandemic. As 92% of their income comes from tourism, they were particularly affected. In simple terms, no visitors meant no income.  In the ten months of the pandemic they had only 16,000 visitors and an income of £247,000, compared with the year prior to the pandemic of 1.3m visitors and £29.9m income. There was the additional challenge that 85% of visitors are international which left them even more vulnerable until people started to travel again. They also have a unique role to play on behalf of the nation for state occasions and special services and for this reason, the Abbey must be in good repair and voice at all times.

The fundraising reached a total of £21,553 for Westminster Abbey