British & Continental Pictures

British and Continental Pictures have been sold at 25 Blythe Road since December 2012.

Sales offer pictures from Britain, Europe and international artists, covering the 16th to 21st centuries: paintings, prints, photographs, and on occasion sculptures, have all been sold by the department.

2017 saw the sale of pictures from a private London club, where a diverse range of paintings, prints and caricature drawings drew competitive bidding and a sale total of £217,620, with a sell-through rate of more than 90%.

In 2018, the department sold items from the collection of Dr Alan Borg C.B.E., former Senior Director of the V&A, and former Director of the Imperial War Museum. These included a group of designs for War Memorials, which were featured in a number of international publications.

The sales are overseen by Harry Moore-Gwyn, a leading authority on Modern British Pictures. The department is supported by a number of experienced consultants and staff.